Surfacing from the pitch-black chasms of Chicago come atmospheric black metal superiors Vukari, returning with the surprise release of their latest EP, Omnes Nihil. With almost zero promotional efforts other than the demo version release of title track “Omnes Nihil” back in May, Vukari abruptly unleashed four all new, bone-chilling tracks for listeners to immerse themselves in. Physical formats including CD, vinyl, and tape will be available to order through Vendetta Records in the coming weeks.

Since forming in 2013, the band has remained true to their more traditionally-inspired black metal foundation, whilst harnessing the soul-stirring powers of the post-black metal textures they employ. It’s through those specific applications that they’ve been able to create such captivating melodies, generating a myriad of melancholic moods and arousing an overall otherworldliness within each of their songs. At the same time, they’ve been able to optimize their sonic impact by incorporating these nightmarish outbursts, carried out by turbulent blasts and the use of distressing string work.

With each release since their debut, full-length Matriarch, Vukari’s sound has become increasingly more mesmerizing. Twenty-nineteen marked the release of Vukari’s sensational, third full-length Aevum, which continues to receive praise within the black metal community and extreme metal world beyond. Having pulled off some of their most graceful and moving work with Aevum, Vukari have taken the opportunity to indulge in a direction of concise ferocity, conjuring up a more menacing sound within Omnes Nihil.

Distant shrieks cry out amidst the tumultuous percussion and grandiose orchestral elements that fire up opening track “Despondent,”  as an unsettling feeling floods in. A ghastly whirlwind, fueled by pulsing double bass and accelerated riffing, transitions into a tasteful lead that eases the harrowing tension of the blistering opener.

Vukari then rolls out the red carpet for the epic, self-titled track “Omnes Nihil.” A blizzard of blast-beats boosts the dreamlike guitar strumming, working together to create an alluring yet troubling atmosphere. As the song opens up, a more heartfelt lead gives way to nimble bass work leading up to the spine-chilling break that ruptures just past the four-minute mark. From that point on, the song sharpens its speed, blazing forth into one of the band’s most frigid segments they’ve ever conceived.

The short-yet-spacious “-” sees the band mustering up some of those misty sounding melodies that were so beautifully executed on their full-length prior. This track offers a comforting ambience that contrasts the more ominous and grim-natured “Saturn in the Eighth House.” The nine-minute, behemoth-sized closer sees Vukari exiting the EP with a hypnotic, dark, and towering groove that undoubtedly leaves a lasting impact on its listener.

With Omnes Nihil, Vukari reveal a more harsh and assertive angle to their sound without compromising any bit of their complex, post-black layers. Omnes Nihil is a brief-yet-clear expression of the atmospheric black metal excellence Vukari have been able to attain over the last eight years.

Omnes Nihil track list:

1. Despondent
2. Omnes Nihil
3. –
4. Saturn in the Eighth House

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