News: Incendiary Shares New Single ‘Lie Of Liberty’

New York hardcore torchbearers, Incendiary, announced the release of their upcoming LP, Change The Way You Think About Pain, which will be released on May 26 via Closed Casket Activities. As the third single off of the album, the band shared the hard-hitting track “Lie Of Liberty.”

Of the new single, the band states, “The word ‘liberty’ has been hijacked by a certain cohort of people to excuse selfish and apathetic behavior as part of a vague, pseudo-Libertarian worldview. This song is a reflection of this trend that most of us have seen in our post-COVID daily life.”

Change The Way You Think About Pain Tracklist:

1. Bite the Hook
2. Jesus Bones
3. Echo of Nothing
4. Host/Parasite
5. Lie of Liberty
6. C.T.E.
7. Collision
8. Rats in the Cellar
9. Santosha (Illusion of the Self)
10. Change the Way You Think About Pain

Armed with crushing metallic riffs, instantly both fresh and familiar, Incendiary populate each of their four full-length albums with irresistibly energized rhythms and adrenalized urgency. Change The Way You Think About Pain is their leanest and unapologetically meanest yet. The quartet weaned on the Long Island, New York hardcore scene, have more to say than ever. Sharply biting and insightful lyrics sit atop blunt metalcore in a perfect soundtrack to throw a brick through a window.

Watch the video for “Lie Of Liberty” by Incendiary here:

Preorder Change The Way You Think About Pain here, and follow Incendiary here.

Photo courtesy of George Douglas Peterson

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