Lo-fi hip-hop rapper Indii G has released a new single, “Story’s End”, via Epitaph Records.

Know for writing lyrics that act as a personal diary for the Louisiana rapper, “Story’s End” is no different. Indii G says:

“This is probably my favorite thing I’ve created in a very long time. The idea of the song was to highlight a certain story that I’ve personally lived multiple times in my life and likely many of my listeners, as well. With the story being boy meets girl, boy and girl get together, boy and girl fall apart, my lyrics attempt to depict all the emotions along the way. The concept of the video came to be while my guitarist, Marquis François, and I were working on the song and just bouncing visual ideas back and forth. Director, Aaron Marsh took the idea and executed it even better than it originally looked in my head. The whole shoot, in general, was just a whole lot of fun and I’m super proud to call this my first ever music video.”

Indii G Story's End

Indii G signed to Epitaph earlier this year, and has collaborated with the likes of Powfu and Sadboyprolific, citing over a million streams on Spotify since his start in 2016.

Check out “Story’s End” below, and see Indii G’s website for links to all social media pages here.

Images courtesy of Indii G. Featured image by Akasha Rabut.


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