Lo-fi, Lousiana born-and-raised rapper-on-the-rise Indii G. released his new track filled with bright pianos and catchy lyrics, “Cherry Blossom,” on Wednesday.

Indii G

Indii G. first started making music as a diary, inserting his feelings into his music, which often suits fans of chillwave and hip-hop alike. His newest release following an EP and more than a dozen singles, Indii G. spoke about the new track:

“This song to me encapsulates the feeling of meeting someone and falling in love. In it, I compare the girl to one of my favorite flowers, a cherry blossom, because they’re rare and beautiful,” Indii explains.

Alongside the single release, Indii G. also included a music video for “Cherry Blossom.”

“The ‘Cherry Blossom’ video is probably my favorite yet,” Indii adds. “Nick and Pat, the directors, did a great job building sets that portray the fantasy-like feeling of the song with an abundance of cherry blossoms to match. The shoot overall was just a whole lot of fun and I can’t wait for more.”

You can watch the music video below:

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