News: iNTeRNeT FRenDz Drop New Tune ‘Achilles Heel’

iNTeRNeT FRenDz take the mid-2000s Warped Tour sound and add a twist in their song “Achilles Heel,” which will be featured on their upcoming EP. Matt Squire, who helped craft iconic Underoath, Panic! At The Disco, and Sum 41 albums, produced the music.

iNTeRNet FRenDz is new a tandem, but their artists aren’t new to the scene. Guitarist and founder Rossy Burr spent 14 years as an artist manager and record label owner. But during the pandemic, he fell in love with songwriting. He discovered vocalist Michael Swank while searching social media.

“Looking back to recording the demo vocals for ‘Achilles Heel’ specifically, there were some real moments of magic that I felt in the room,” Swank describes. “It was the first week that Rossy and I had met in person which is just crazy to think about. The second we nailed the bridge, I just had this overwhelming feeling of ‘Wow, this is real.’”

The duo are a perfect match, and everything the band have released sounds huge. It’s like mid-2000s pop-punk but made for 2024. Burr clearly draws from some of the bands he’s worked with. And Swank digs it.

“It just all felt so inspiring to me,” Swank says. “Fast forward to about a year and a half later, and I’m just so excited to finally share this one with the world.”

The new EP, iT’s a SeCReT comes out on June 26. Make sure you are the first learn about the new music from the band here.

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