Nothing,Nowhere. has released “Upside Down”, another single from upcoming album TRAUMA FACTORY, out February 19 via Fueled By Ramen.

Nothing,Nowhere. says of the new track:

“We’ve all had our fair share of unhealthy relationships. ‘Upside Down’ is about a lost love and the inability to accept the new and painful circumstances.”

He also comments on the new album: 

TRAUMA FACTORY is an accumulation of songs written during a confusing time. it is about accepting the present and following your true north through the pain and suffering of human life,” Nothing,Nowhere. revealed He added, “I wanted to make an album that was truly genreless and inspire others to challenge themselves artistically. I believe the most inspiring art is unpredictable and unrestrictive. to me that’s what TRAUMA FACTORY is.”

Check out “Upside Down” below, and pre-order TRAUMA FACTORY here.

Keep reading for our interview with Nothing,Nowhere. 

Interview with project mastermind Joe Mulherin 
By Rob Kent 

As the world continues to spin at a pace nobody could have expected, Joe Mulherin prepares to release his fourth album as Nothing,Nowhere, entitled TRAUMA FACTORY. This record explores the ideology that life is a painstaking affair, but we must all wear our brave face and care for one another on a full-time basis. Mulherin further explains the album’s theme and title. 

 “The philosophy that human life is a trauma factory stems from my interest in Buddhism, and accepting that human life is suffering,” he says. “But not seeing this in a bleak and hopeless way, finding peace in knowing that others are also suffering and everyone needs to support each other to help survive the emotional process of life.” 

This album takes a glimmer of light that has not particularly surfaced within this artistic expression before, adding prominence to an underlying positivity that in 2021 is so important for all to give belief to.  

Whereas Nothing,Nowhere was once the product of a struggling man who chose music as an outlet, the new album truly reflects the mindset Mulherin has achieved since then. 

“My older discography is dark and can be disturbing for me to revisit,” he says. “I put all my struggles into my music in the past.”  

But time is strong medicine, and Mulherin further explains how he entered the studio with a different perspective on life.  

“Human life is absolutely a TRAUMA FACTORY, and in 2015, I would see this in a solely negative perspective. But now I can see it in a positive way, and I think that is a beautiful result.”

Further proof that Mulherin has developed a level of optimism that he would have discarded in the past. 

The raw message of accepting life’s harsh realities, while building a fortress in your mind in order to survive, is prominent on this album. However, Mulherin desires to be a voice of solace, to reassure people through this record that life may be tough, but it’s okay to struggle at times.  

“I want this record to help people during these dark days, and let them know they are not alone,” he says. “I grew up listening to Senses Fail and Taking Back Sunday, and hearing their lyrics, which are so raw and vulnerable, assured me I was just going through life and not losing my mind. I want people to hear my music and play that role in their life.” 

TRAUMA FACTORY captures the artistic expression that is Nothing,Nowhere at a rate like never before. It captures a man truly pushing himself to his creative limits while remaining loyal to his humble ethics.  

“Art, to me, is about pushing boundaries to their limit, there is no reason to not be unique,” Mulherin explains. “TRAUMA FACTORY sees me exploring genres to the absolute limit and diving deeper than I have before. If people ask me what genre my music is, I always say ‘Nothing,Nowhere’.”

‘Limitless’ is a term that absolutely defines TRAUMA FACTORY and the mind of Joe Mulherin. This fourth album sees the artist investigate himself and the art that he has constantly adored. TRAUMA FACTORY is a true, modern achievement that explores endless boundaries and offers a much-needed connection to listeners in these desperate times. 

Images courtesy of Nothing,Nowhere. Featured image credit: Dan Brown.


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