News: Irish Emo Band Greywind Releases ‘Antidote’

Irish Emo band Greywind released their  bouncy new track “Antidote” accompanied by a tightly edited music video. The song is produced by the dynamic duo of Casey Cavaliere (The Wonder Years guitarist) and Sam Guaiana (Neck Deep, Silverstein, Like Pacific).

“’Antidote’ is full of our rage,” the band say. “We’ve always treated everyone with respect and kindness, but we saw so little of that in return. Really, these songs are a reminder to ourselves and to people listening that only you can save yourself.”

Greywind released their debut album Afterthoughts in 2017, an album full of anthemic, scene-ready tracks. But the formative years of the band were stymied by label complications and a global pandemic.

While Greywind has been producing stellar, pop punk and pop emo music for years, the band erupted on social media with viral videos over the summer. According to the Greywind’s Instagram page, they rode the wave of momentum into the recording studio to put together new music for the upcoming year.

One of those fresh songs appears to be “Antidote.”

Add to the Greywind’s appeal is the brother and sister duo of Steph and Paul O’Sullivan. Who doesn’t like a band with positive, family energy?

“You can be in a dark place, and you can have all the support in the world—and I did, from Paul—but (sometimes) you’re the only one that can get yourself out of a toxic feedback loop,” Steph says.

Listen to more music from Greywind and keep a close eye on future releases from the band here.

Photo courtesy of social media 

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