News: Jaxxon D. Silva Releases Video For ‘Shooting in the Dark’

Los Angeles-based artist Jaxxon D. Silva releases a new music video for his fresh song “Shooting in the Dark.” It accompanies his emo punk rock and alternative fusion album NUMBSKULL.

Silva follows in the footsteps of genre giants, like Lil Peep and Machine Gun Kelly, by combining hip hop and alternative music with a serious, dark undertone. He collaborated with the former in his first EP Poor Thing and has gained momentum since his start in music in 2017.

In “Shooing in the Dark,” Silva shows off his genre-blending style with grime and drill-influenced beats. He features a mellow guitar, with a muted yet upbeat drum pattern. His mellow, emotional and alternative influence really shines through in this track.

NUMBSKULL is just the latest in a long line of popular releases from Silva, who continues to absorb more than half-a-million listeners per month on streaming platforms. But “Shooting in the Dark” is a true standout track on the album.

Listen to more from Jaxxon D. Silva here.


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