News: Jaye Jayle Releases New Single

Jaye Jayle, the solo project of Louisville singer-songwriter Evan Patterson, released a new single called “The Party of Redemption.” The single features Patrick Shiroishi on saxophone and is off of the project’s upcoming album Don’t Let Your Love Life Get You Down, which is out July 14 on Pelagic Records.

Regarding the new single, Patterson says, “I’ve been doing a lot of self-work since the pandemic. It was a trying time for everyone to say the least. To make the choice of where and how to focus my powers, to be selfless and understanding, and to equally be capable of taking care of myself as well as others. It’s a simple song about a very difficult and complex time in my life. It’s a song about excepting my recent divorce and the commitment of forever-love regardless of the separation.”

The new album is available for preorder on the Pelagic Records web store. Follow Jaye Jayle on Facebook and Instagram for future updates.

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