News: Jim Lindberg Announces Album, Shares New Single

Jim Lindberg has announced his new album, Songs From The Elkhorn Trail, his new solo acoustic debut, along with the new track, “You’re Not Alone.”

Lindberg is most known for his role as songwriter and lead singer of punk rock band Pennywise, though he’s dabbled with a fair amount of genres and sounds over his decades in the industry.

His new album takes a more introspective turn, acting as a testament to family and friends and a look at the fleeting nature of those relationships, ultimately resulting in loneliness and alienation. It’s a heartfelt look at Lindberg’s life story, produced and mixed by Tedd Hutt (Gaslight Anthem, Lucero, Dropkick Murphy’s), featuring David Hidalgo Jr. (Social Distortion) on drums, Joe Gittleman (The Mighty, Mighty BossToneS, Avoid One Thing) on bass, and Marc Orrell (The Dropkick Murphy’s, The Walker Roaders) on guitar.

He’s already released the first single from the album, “The Palm of Your Hand,” and he’s now sharing the new track, “You’re Not Alone.”

“It’s about all the people who are, for one reason or another, forced to be lonely in the world, the castaways, the unloved, the unwanted,”  Lindberg says, regarding the new track. “There comes a point for a lot of people when you’re existing in an untenable situation where you just have to say, ‘This isn’t an acceptable way for me to live anymore.’”

Check out “You’re Not Alone” here:

For more from Jim Lindberg, find him on Twitter and Instagram.

Photo courtesy of Jim Lindberg and Brent Broza

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