Jim Ward has announced his new album, Daggers, will be released June 11 via Dine Alone Records, dropping the first single from it, “Paper Fish”.

Ward told Flood Magazine:

“Paper Fish was the last song I wrote for Daggers, it seemed like it was the final piece of a puzzle I had been working on. It is rare for me to sit down, write and then sing something almost completely in one take- but that is what happened on this song. It was as if the process of making this record allowed me to finally break through and say exactly what I was trying to say. Life is a journey and for me that journey is 100% about being a better person. I think about and work towards this everyday. When I die, I want to die the best man I’ve ever been.” 

Jim Ward Daggers

With a career spanning the iconic post-hardcore band At The Drive-In to Sparta, as well his alt-country project, Sleepercar, Ward finds healing powers in music. The craziness of the world we’re in right now is what led to Daggers. He says:

“I’ve always used music as an outlet for anxiety and frustration. When my world has upheaval, it becomes about doing the work in front of me.

“Reality is OK. You can’t change the past, but you can take those lessons and you can do better.. I’ve always considered songwriting as a journey. It can guide me in the way I’m going forward.

“I tend to exist in the darker parts of the psyche. That’s where I’ve always been.” 

While Daggers is a solo record for Ward, he brought Incubus bassist Ben Kenney and Thursday drummer Tucker Rule onboard to bring the record to life. He says of the duo:

“My friends did this for the pure love of making music with a friend. There’s no higher compliment. I don’t know how I’ll repay them.”

Check out “Paper Fish” below and pre-order Daggers here.

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Images courtesy of Jim Ward. Featured image credit: Christ Chavez.


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