The frontman of emo pop-rockers Jimmy Eat World, Jim Adkins, is using his voice in a different way on a new podcast, brought to life by Fender Guitars.

The “Pass-Through Frequencies” podcast series will see Jim talking through the songwriting and creative processes through in-depth interviews with fellow musicians. 

The series starts August 6, with Jim’s first guest, blink-182 and Simple Creatures’ Mark Hoppus. Lined up for future episodes are Steve Aoki, Nate Reuss, Chris Carrabba, Ben Gibbard, Tegan Quinn and David Bazan, with more to be announced.

Talking about the podcast, Jim says: “When I’m working on a song, it almost feels like I am channeling something. It’s like I am holding the rudder with only a vague clue who might be paddling. I have to find a balanced mindset of being wholly present…and not “there” at all.”

“The creative process has as much reward and mystery as it did 26 years ago when I started writing songs with Jimmy Eat World. I am still totally fascinated. In this series I chat with music people about their process, preparation and execution. As well as whatever may get thrown in on the side.”

The podcast follows Jimmy Eat World’s tenth studio album, released October 2019 via RCA Records. 

Watch the trailer for the “Pass-Through Frequencies” podcast series below, and follow Jimmy Eat World on Twitter HERE for updates on the podcast.


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