Joey Cape and Hugo Mudie have announced their 2012 split will be re-released on vinyl June 4 via SBÄM Records.

Fix Records released the split EP back in 2012, with the SBÄM re-release featuring new sleeves and new colored vinyl. This will also mark the EP’s debut on streaming services, such as Spotify.

The tracks featured on the EP include songs from Cape’s acoustic solo project, and Mudie’s covers of Bright Eyes and Lucinda Williams. 

Cape, best known as the lead singer of skate-punk legends Lagwagon, as well as of Bad Astronaut and guitarist of Me First And The Gimme Gimmes, and Mudie, frontman of the Canadian folk band St. Catherines and founder of Pouzza Fest, are a punk rock dream team. 

Check out one of Hugo Mudie’s tracks from the EP on Bandcamp below while you’re waiting for the June re-release. 

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Image courtesy of Joey Cape/Hugo Mudie/SBÄM Records.


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