What started out for Jon Lambert as a fun way to fill time during last year’s pandemic, quickly turned into an an extreme metal media force to be reckoned with. Lambert created Noise Dosage Media as a way to connect with the extreme artists who have been inspiring him for years, via live zoom interviews.

As guests, such as Kevin Hufnagel (Gorguts), Blake Harrison (Pig Destroyer), Will Smith (Artificial Brain), John McEntee (Incantation), and many more, became part of his roster, he realized that this had the potential to grow this into something bigger. 

Specializing in meaningful music discussions and bringing you conversations with some of the most impressive and innovative musicians to reach our beloved underground, NDM decided to take their content over to print. Lambert began putting his energy into NDM’s Fanzine Issue #1, as he transcribed pieces of past interviews, pulled together some album reviews, and highlighted bio’s of a wide collection of underground metal artists. 

The fanzine comes jam-packed with interviews featuring members of  bands that range from old-school to modern, such as Havok, Necrot, Gorgoroth, Mayhem, Possessed, Frozen Soul, Bolt Thrower, Death Angel, Sanguisugabogg, and so many more. Lambert even pulled together talented graphic and drawing artists to contribute to the borders of every page within the zine, making the contents within enclosed in something visually sick.

My favorite part of the fanzine comes with the underground acts highlighted within the back half. Artists, such as Ruin, Inoculation, Perilaxe Occlusion, Of Wolves, Maul, Mortuary Descent, Cryptic Shift, Phobophilic, Thaetas, Torn In Half, and so many more, are all given their own bio space and photograph.

With so many newer underground artists being represented, this zine provides the perfect opportunity for lovers of extreme metal to discover plenty of up and coming acts. Beyond that, the zine represents other media groups, YouTube users, and record labels, to contribute to the collective operation of underground extreme metal.

Noise Dosage Media’s mission statement is to provide artists with a platform of at-length discussion for a variety of case-specialized, scintillating topics of interview, such as the specifics of self-producing, writing methods, the music industry, touring, horror films, life beyond music, and their personal favorite, gear. With their latest fanzine, they not only uphold that statement, but go above and beyond to highlight to constantly thriving extreme metal underground.

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