A new compilation album, out now on Bandcamp sees a plethora of emo, indie, and punk acts pay tribute to Blink-182’s breakthrough album, Dude Ranch, to celebrate its 23rd anniversary.  

It’s Never Over Til It’s Done features Crumbcatcher, Joyce Manor ft. Allie Hanlon, Lisa Prank, and Sam Sutherland, amongst other bands and artists, playing their renditions of every track from Dude Ranch—plus a bonus cover of “Man Overboard” and a glorious, ska-influenced reimagining of “Voyeur.”

Dude Ranch, released in 1997, gave Blink their first hit single, “Dammit.” Still a fan favorite, the song was also included on the soundtrack for teen rom-com Can’t Hardly Wait, which also contributed to its success. Other stand-out tracks on the album include “Apple Shampoo,” “Josie,” and the ode to Princess Leia, “A New Hope.”

The Bandcamp liner notes explain the importance of this classic, pop-punk album: “Through double-entendres about masturbation, skits about inappropriate acts with pets, and pop culture references, Blink ask themselves the ultimate question—“What does it mean to be a grown-up?” Beneath that adolescent, humorous deflection lie serious concerns about heartbreak, vulnerability, loneliness, and the human condition.”

Proceeds from the sale of the record will go to organizations helping Black, trans communities, including the Homeless Black Trans Women Fund, SNapCO, and The Trans Justice Project. The organizers are also taking suggestions for organizations in need.

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