News: Kai Tak and Dol Ikara Team Up on “Blush”

Kai Tak and Claire Roddy of Dol Ikara will be releasing a new single, “Blush”, on February 7 2024. Kai Tak’s debut album will be released in June 2024 via à La Carte Records. “Blush” is the latest track to be released from the new album. It follows “Jalen Rose” and “Villians In My Mind” in regards of releases.

Claire Roddy of Dol Ikara on “Blush”:

“Chris came to me with this transportive instrumental while I was dealing with a bit or writer’s block. These lyrics are an ode to that very moment of inspiration where suddenly feelings, words and melodies spring right out from the drought, as instantly and vunerably as a blush.”

Chris King on “Blush”:

“When Claire explained the meaning behind her lyrics, I almost couldn’t believe it. The music also came to me during a bout of writer’s blcok, which was broken by one of my old tried and true methods- watching a visually stunning movie on mute and composing music inspired by the imagery. In the case of Blush the inspiration was Fallen Angels, which has always made me feel like I’m permanently suspended in the most beautiful fever dream.”

Stream “Blush” here.

There will be a show at Genghis Cohen on February 10. It’ll be a Lunar New Year themed celebration, featuring bands with at least one Asian member and some Lunar New Year traditions. Every attendee will receive a Lucky Red Envelope with various prizes inside. The DJ will play a mix of tradiotional chinese music. It’s something that Chris King hopes to turn into an annual tradition.

For those who are unaware, the Lucky Red Envelope is a tradition that you give those you’re close to, primarily children to ward away evil. It originated as the Chinese demon, Sui, but as the years passed and culture evolved worldwide, it became known as evil overall.

Get tickets here.

Chris King was born in Hong Kong and adopted by American parents who worked at a camp for Vietnamese refugees seeking opportunity in the city known as the Pearl of the Orient. He began to write songs for Kai Tak during hte midst of the quarantine as a method to connect with his unconventional roots, whilst trying to serve as a platform for collaboration with the many musical friends he made throughout his career as a producer and engineer. As King had no deadlines or creative constraints, it allowed him to explore every technique he learned over the years.

The band was named in homage to the now-retired Hong Kong airport, known for its harrowing approach through the city’s skyscrapers. Kai Tak creates moody soundscapes that recreate sonic inspirations from shoegaze, trip hop and electronica.

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