NEWS: Kaleigh Releases ‘Situationship’

Musician, actress, and model, Kaleigh, is coming back to the music scene with her new alternative rock single and music video for “Situationship.” Since writing and independently releasing an EP at just 13, Kaleigh’s music has evolved over the years. Now she’s embracing a heavy, alternative, punk-infused sound while also opening up more with raw and emotional lyricism.

With lyrics like, “Does he see all the broken parts of me,” and “I’m afraid of love,” this track is all about the negative effects of casual dating and the widely accepted ‘situationship’ within the Millennial, Zillennial, and Gen Z populations. With this song, Kaleigh highlights one’s ability to reclaim their power and decide if this type of lifestyle simply isn’t the right fit for them.

“Have you ever been in less than a relationship, but more than a friendship with someone? Well, me too,” says Kaleigh. “‘Situationship’ is about being frustrated as you are stuck in the in-between with someone you’ve come to care about. Too often these days, people are quick to trade a good thing for a good time. Others are so damaged by their traumatic pasts that they keep themselves from truly moving forward or falling in love once again. ‘Situationship’ is a therapeutic anger-release of all that pent-up emotion that we hold back to keep from scaring someone off. Let’s let it go together.”

If you weren’t familiar with Kaleigh’s music, you may recognize her from her recent notable credits in Olivia Wilde’s Don’t Worry Darling and CBS All Access’ show, Why Women Kill, as well as her features on NBC’s The Good Place or ABC’s Speechless.

Listen to “Situationship” on Spotify:

For more from Kaleigh, you can find her on Facebook, Twitter, SpotifyYouTube, and Instagram.

Photo courtesy of Kaleigh.

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