News: Karl Sander’s ‘Saurian’ Solo Project Signs With Napalm Records

It’s official. Both Nile and Saurian are signed to Napalm Records. Karl Sanders, the mastermind behind both bands, has plans to release new Saurian music in 2022. In addition to releasing new Saurian music, Napalm Records will reissue prior Saurian records, Meditation and Saurian Exorcisms, with more details to come.

Karl Sanders states about the signing:

“I am just thrilled to death that we have signed up with Napalm Records for the new Karl Sanders Saurian album. I am really happy that we have found such a good home for both Nile and my Saurian side project, as they are a great company with some sincere people. I am looking forward in earnest to working together with everyone at Napalm to bring fans the new Saurian music, as well as re-releasing the first two Saurian records.”

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