Liars Club, the new label formed by Amigo the Devil and indie powerhouse Regime Music Group, is proud to announce the signing of Austin, TX artist Katacombs. Along with the announcement comes an emotive and cinematic music video for the EP’s title track and first single “You Will Not.”

Katacombs’ music is an immersive sonic experience that envelops listeners in eerie vocals and dark electronic string work, almost reminiscent of a film score. Katacombs’ debut EP You Will Not is set to release on February 4, 2022 via Liars Club Records.

Katacombs is the name Katerina Kiranos landed on after years of building sculptural furniture of bone and wood. Born in Miami to a Spanish mother and Greek father, she spent the majority of her early life bouncing between multiple cultures and wanting to adapt. The common thread anywhere she landed was her love for music. Piano lessons as a child led to days on end of writing and recording from her makeshift bedroom-studio as a teen, which turned into years of collecting songs—all just to store them away.

You Will Not was recorded at Rustbelt Studios in Detroit, Michigan, with producers Steve Lehane and Beau Bedford. The EP is a collection of songs that individually represent a place and time of her life, amounting to a rather emotional rollercoaster that traverses geographical borders and genres, while hitting the highs and the lows of self-discovery. Katacombs aims to write music for scenes in life that don’t yet exist, but can ultimately universally resonate.

With her debut EP You Will Not, Katacombs brings the beauty she has collected through her influences, talents, and travel and makes it her own. This work represents her first public expression of a truth she has been holding inside, a moment of relief and clarity that she hopes can be explored and understood by others who often struggle to be their truest selves as well.

You Will Not is meant to expand on the moments in life that require the full scale of emotions we often forget to allow ourselves. A moment to let go and listen and feel with nothing holding us back.

Katacombs You Will Not EP track list:

1. Blue Beard
2. Rip Torn
3. You Will Not
4. Swamp Song
5. Como Un Rayo
6. Long Way Home

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