News: Keep Your Secrets Release ‘Trauma.” Music Video

In support of their new EP it’s all good., pop-punk band Keep Your Secrets released their music video for the track “trauma.” The song leads off the Washington, D.C. natives’ new, sophomore EP. They released the music video through Spaceuntral.

Keep Your Secrets describe the song as “an emotional track that deals with the lasting, unseen scars that childhood trauma leaves on a person.”

Exemplifying the rest of it’s all good, “trauma.” hits with an aggressive and chunky (in all the best ways) post-2010, pop punk sound. It reflects on a time where bands like The Story So Far and The Wonder Years set the pace.

So it makes sense that the song, along with the rest of the album, is mixed by Casey Cavaliere of The Wonder Years. Cavaliere describes “trauma.” as carrying “the weight of 1,000 suns.”

The track’s music video is created by Camille Brayshaw, beautifully shot and seeping with symbolism. Filmed in backwoods of Maryland, the emotion is laid as bare as the trees surrounding the band.

Influences of pop punk, emo, easy core and post hardcore are smattered all over it’s all good. Keep Your Secrets take all those sounds, blend them together, and sprinkle in their own scene spice. Fronted by Black woman and composed of all-POC members, Keep Your Secrets join a growing movement breaking bad stereotypes of the scene.

Listen to the rest of Keep Your Secrets album here.

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