News: Kings Of The Weekend Release New Album

East Coast pop-punk band Kings Of The Wild Things release their new album Call Us Blockbuster, Cause It’s The End Of An Era. The band celebrated the release with a headlined show in Maryland featuring STMNTS, Keep Flying, Stacked Like Pancakes and James Larson from the band ROOK.

“For us, Call Us Blockbuster, Cause It’s the End of an Era was a record all about getting through a really hard time and it was written for anyone just really needs something, but they don’t know what it is yet,” vocalist Oscar Sobkowicz says. “To be honest the record was a record about being who and what we really are.”

The album includes the breakneck opening track “Homesick,” the aptly named “Another Acoustic Emo Song” and “Welcome2Duloc,” which includes their good friends in Keep Flying.

“It’s a fun record where we tried a bunch of fun stuff like writing a punkier song with a faster beat and doing a guest feature with Keep Flying while also still throwing in our own style of using lines from some of our favorite movies making the song sound like a Kings record.”

The movie reference has to do with the anthemic song “Pull The Lever Kronk,” a line from the film The Emperor’s New Groove.  It’s one of the standouts on the album.

“We are super stoke to just have the record be the sound we have been going for and looking for a long time.”

Kings Of The Wild Things is touring in support of the album. Check out where they will play here.

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