News: Kings Of The Wild Things Release ‘Tell Me A Tragedy’

Pop punkers Kings of the Wild Things release their latest song, “Tell Me A Tragedy,” with musician Drew Sipos (Old Neon). The heartfelt release is the band’s first since dropping its debut, full-length album Call Us Blockbuster, Because It’s The End Of An Era earlier this year.

“(It’s) different than anything we, as a band, have done before,” frontman Sobkowicz says about the new song. “First off, getting to do a song with Old Neon, especially Drew, their frontman, who is a close friend of mine, is just super cool and a ton of fun.”

You can hear the chemistry between Sobkowicz and Sipos as the pair trade versus throughout the song before harmonizing in an electric final chorus. The track itself smoothly builds, powered by thoughtful lyrics and a grand melody.

“To me, this song is a reminder that life does get hard, but sometimes you need to take a breath and just let go of the stress that is holding you captive,” Sobkowicz continues. “It also talks for me about my experience with music and how I’ve connected with other bands and just use them as a platform to grow myself into a better person and to who I am today.”

Kings of the Wild Things just finished a tour with The Dollyrots. Keep a close eye on new music and show announcements from the band here.

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