News: Knuckle Puck Release Album ‘Losing What We Love’ Along with Video for Single “You and I”

Knuckle Puck have released their new album, Losing What We Love, via Pure Noise Records. To celebrate the release of the album, the band also dropped the video for their single “You & I.” 

“You & I,” as described by the band, is “a song about being acutely aware of how much somebody sucks as a person and looking forward to cutting ties with them.”

Losing What We Love shows Knuckle Puck refusing to sugarcoat life’s hard truths, and instead embraces the transitional periods between the high and low points of life. Following 2022’s Disposable Life EP, Losing What We Love taps into the band’s earliest days—rediscovering that same collaborative magic that they found as teenagers in Chicago’s south suburbs.

Rhythm guitarist/co-lead vocalist Nick Casasanto explains:

“For a long time, we felt a responsibility to have this overwhelming hopefulness to our lyrics. This time around, we started writing more honestly with less intent to sound cool or hopeful. It feels like we’re in a bit of a losing battle with the state of the world, but in the past we’d say, ‘Oh, but it’s all okay!’ Now we’re saying, ‘No, we should be panicking.’ This record feels like more of an expression than a motivational speech.”


  1. A New Beginning
  2. The Tower
  3. October
  4. You & I
  5. Losing What We Love
  6. Groundhog’s Day
  7. Act Accordingly
  8. Out Of Touch
  9. Worlds Apart
  10. Better Late
  11. Fool

Fans can catch all the latest Knuckle Puck news here, and purchase Losing What We Love here.

Photo courtesy of Andy Eclov

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