Los-Angeles based garage rock band, All My Friends Hate Me recently dropped their debut album Metal Butterflies. The album embraces all the self-deprecating sarcasm, self-awareness, and honesty one might expect from a punk band. It’s similar to the likes of Fidlar, PUP, and Wavves. Listen to Metal Butterflies Here!

All My Friends Hate Me started at the bottom of a bottle of whiskey at a party where lead singer/guitarist and founder Bobby Banister met the soon-to-be-guitarist of AMFHM, Beau McCarthy. A few months later, they met Garrit Tillman, drummer, and Xander Burmer, bassist.

The four-piece band released their official Lyric Video for “I Need A Life” a few months back, which includes snippets of the bandmates hanging out, performing, and Bobby getting a tattoo while playing a show in DTLA. Watch it below!

AMFHM will also make their first appearance at the Official Artist Showcase in SXSW 2020!

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