News: Launder Releases New Album

What happens when a label notorious for its ambient and electronic output partners with a shoegaze artist? Only greatness. With this introduction, we are happy to introduce you to Launder, the solo project of John Cudlip, who has signed with Ghostly International to release the debut full-length, Happening today.

Over the course of about three years and roughly sixty demos, Cudlip built a record out of casual jam sessions with a couple friends. In the midst of this, Cudlip was embracing newfound sobriety, and decided to focus the energy on studio time to avoid the alternative. For this reason, the sound palette and careful production embody a lot of the same core values of ambient and electronic music.

After building an arsenal of equipment in Sound Monkey Studios in Van Nuys, CA with co-producer Sunny DiPerri (My Bloody Valentine, Nine Inch Nails, DIIV) every buzz, hiss, and hum of this record was put forth with so much intention. Equal parts arena rock, shoegaze, feedback, and process, Happening is a foray into music that is healing, expansive, and gorgeous.

You can listen to the album and order physical copies via Ghostly International here.

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