Least is the solo (for now) indie/emo project of Taylin Wills (formerly of Migrate). It was started in early 2019 as a side project to pass the time. but soon enough, it blossomed into something more relaxed and modern.

Combining sounds similar to bands like Tigers Jaw, Gleemer, and Balance and Composure, Wills has released five singles, and today released the single and music video for “I’m Your Therapist Now,” which is the lead track from their upcoming EP Folding My Hands, Accepting Defeat due out on April 23 on Friend Club Records. “I’m Your Therapist Now,” was mixed and mastered by Jon Sambrick of Thornwall Studios in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

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“[The video] shows a storyline of two characters (PJ Kathcart and Kelsey DeAngelis) living in the same house, but only communicating through their cell phones, until they finally cross paths and realize that they need to take advantage of the time they have together face to face,” Wills says. “It also touches on the theme of longing for someone in a long distance relationship, yet realizing they’re closer than you think”

Wills directed and edited the video in Boca Raton, Florida. Wills shares, “‘I’m Your Therapist Now’ [explore] an overarching theme of feeling like ‘the other.’ Being a gender nonconforming person and starting my transition in May of 2020, I felt very lost. It had taken me 20 years to finally admit to myself who I am and what I want out of this life, and my lyrics reflect the inner turmoil I’ve felt in the past and present.

“Most [of my] songs deal with the struggles of trying to date as an open trans person, learning not to hate myself anymore, dealing with discrimination, and maneuvering through the minefield that is figuring out how far I want to go with my transition.”

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