News: Legendary Rock photographer Melanie Nissen Announces Book, HARD + FAST

HARD + FAST is a book showcasing the Photography Collection By Legendary SLASH Fanzine Photographer Melanie Nissen. The book unveils a recently discovered photo of The Go-Go’s Jane Wiedlin & Belinda Carlisle.

The book documents the L.A. Punk Scene: 1977-1980.

Being friends with most of the people she photographed, this gave Nissen a natural and raw comfort between the artists and the photographer, creating an atmosphere of security.

Hard + Fast

“I can see that these are also documentary pictures because they include elements of Los Angeles that have disappeared,” concludes Nissen. “The Tropicana Motel, bars and cocktail lounges, newsstands, nightclubs, the street life on Hollywood Boulevard, boutiques run by and for punks, burger stands, phone booths—these things are gone today, and they represent an aspect of L.A. history that shouldn’t be forgotten. The entire city had the familiarity of a neighborhood then, and that’s no longer the case.  L.A. is my home, though, and I’ll always remain loyal to it; I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.” 

Featured photo by: Melanie Nissen 

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