News: Lift The Curse Drop Positive Hard Rock Anthem ‘The Color Brave’

Austin alternative/hard rock outfit Lift The Curse have released a new single and lyric video. “The Color Brave” is out now.

Speaking on the new track, frontman John Yadon Jnr shares: “‘The Color Brave’ is a song intended to be a lifeline for children of the world. A song Ryan dedicates to his kids as a reminder that life will have plenty of ups and downs, but they will always have this song to run to, to sing to, if they ever should need a glimmer of hope.”

Comprised of Jon Yadon Jr. and Ryan Hegefeld, Austin rock duo Lift The Curse fuse hard rock tones, filthy breakdowns, and veracious melodies. Anchored by the longtime friends’ inherent chemistry, the band marry influence from across metal, rock, and pop.

Yadon Jr. and Hegefield cut their teeth as two thirds of former project TrineATX, who saw success across the Lonestar Star, playing with the likes of Fuel, Hinder and Powerman 5000. Fast forward to April 2022, and Lift The Curse was born with the release of debut single “Rise With The Flames”.

The band released a quickfire string of singles across summer and fall, with the likes of “Take Me Under” and “Call It What It Is” offering a window into a heart of a project that puts songwriting front and center, alternative rock intonations, pummelling riffs, and unforgettable melodies all sitting at the core of Lift The Curse’s soundscape.

“The Color Brave” is out now; stay up to date with the band via Instagram here.

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