News: Like Moths To Flames Released Two New Singles, ‘Paradigm Trigger’ and ‘Angels Weep’

Like Moths To Flames have released two new singles, or as they describe it, a “double single,” “Paradigm Trigger” and “Angels Weep” via UNFD.

The two new tracks continue in the vein of last year’s single, “I Found The Dark Side Of Heaven,” and find the metalcore band in incredibly powerful and heavy form.

As for “Paradigm Trigger,” the band’s vocalist Chris Roetter says:

“About being stuck in a levitate state of sleep paralysis. Including a lot of feelings of anxiety, it’s meant to represent the feeling of being stuck. Desperately wanting to run from everything you’re falling into but somehow you always end up back in the same place.”

On the other hand, Chris also talked about “Angels Weep”:

“The track tells the story of a man who finds himself a place in a dense dark forest. Something about it resembles heaven, but more or less has become a place where God and angels collectively go to die – a place that’s desolate and empty, hopeless and lacks any promise of getting better.”

Check out the videos for both singles:

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Photo courtesy of Chris Klumpp.

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