News: Lil Mik_e Shares Music Video For “The Breakup Scene”

Solo alternative artist Lil Mik_e released a music video for his new track “The Breakup Scene.” It’s the latest from a pop-punk and emo musician with multiple songs earning hundreds of thousands of streams with some pushing a million.

The music video for “The Breakup Scene” continues a story started in “My Blood Your Hands.”

“Because as you see in the end of my new video the blood is all over my hands now, but she still wins as I drop to my knees in defeat with a bleeding heart,” Lil Mik_e says, describing the imagery.

The music video was filmed, directed, and edited by Jorge Santacruz. Lil Mik_e says they stayed up late into the night putting the art together.

“Coming up with ideas on how we were going to achieve the vision… I’m so stoked on how it turned out, and I’m very appreciative of Riley Rish for blessing the video with that beautiful custom SJC blood kit,” Lil Mik_e continues.

The musician showcases his new Gibson Studio in the video, as well as the gorgeous Southwest landscape.

“The whole new album is a concept—Each song being like a different TV episode in the series, and I can’t wait to keep pushing myself with how far I can take these visions of mine.”

Learn more about Lil Mik_e’s music and upcoming shows here.

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