Kristin Hayter, who releases music under Lingua Ignota, released a statement detailing allegations of abuse from Daughters vocalist Alexis Marshall. She had previously called Marshall an abuser on Twitter and released the full statement after an interview with Anthony Fantano.

(Content warning: rape, sexual assault, suicide, eating disorders, self-harm, physical and mental abuse)

Hayter wrote that she and Marshall were a couple from July 2019 until June 2021.

“I was subjected to multiple sexual assaults/rapes where I was fully penetrated while sleeping without my consent after I explicitly stated this was not OK with me,” she wrote. “Alexis obtained consent through deception, manipulation, and coercion.”

Hayter wrote that she gave consent to Marshall in some instances because he was afraid he would cheat or be upset should she not, also alleging that Marshall damaged her spine in one violent episode, and that he didn’t stop when she asked. She said that she needed surgery to treat the injury, “a massive lumbar disc herniation,” creating an emergency condition called Cauda Equina Syndrome, which threatened permanent loss of bladder and bowel function, according to her statement.

The 11-page impact statement also detailed Marshall’s alleged manipulation and gaslighting, which she said worsened as he entered a 12-step program. According to the statement, she was so distraught, she attempted suicide in December 2020, and she claimed Marshall was not supportive afterward.

Marshall released the following statement in response to the allegations via his publicist: “I absolutely did not engage in any form of abusive behavior towards Kristin. Kristin is a person that I loved and cared deeply for, however, our relationship was unhealthy for both of us. I can assure anyone reading this that I absolutely did not abuse her, mentally or physically. I am investigating legal options.”

At the end of her statement, Hayter said she is seeking therapy to treat the effects of the alleged abuse, saying her quality of life has decreased significantly as a result of this relationship, which caused her enormous psychological and physical damage and continue to due to the issues with her spine.

You can read Hayter’s full statement here.

Photo courtesy of Marika Zorzi

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