Well regarded industrial and noise musician Kristin Hayter, or as you’d recognize her, Lingua Ignota, has announced a new album inspired by the weird, dark, and ominous world of Pennsylvanian Appalachia. A place where god’s judgment not only feels inevitable but a welcome reprieve from the decay and degradation of a life of isolation lived in those erstwhile coal-rich hills.

The album is called Sinner Get ready and it will be out on Sargent House on August 6, 2021. You can preorder it here.

Kristin has also released a video for the first song off the album, “Pennsylvania Furnace.” The song exhibits her classical training in a reflection on a legend about a blacksmith who is dragged to hell by the dogs he had thrown into his furnace in a fit of rage. The things you throw away will inevitably come back to destroy you. Be ready.

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