Mike Henneberger’s book, “Rock Bottom at the Renaissance: Am Emo Kid’s Journey Through Falling In and Out of Love In and With New York City”, has been turned into an audiobook, with Tyler Posey narrating. It includes a 20-track soundtrack, featuring two unreleased Jimmy Eat World songs.

The audiobook is the first of its kind, with bands appearing on the soundtrack including Death Cab for Cutie, Dashboard Confessional, Lisa Loeb, The Wonder Years, Bright Eyes, The Smoking Popes, and Bayside.

Tyler Posey shares his enthusiasm for the book:

“No matter what [Mike] wanted to do, everything about it was just so captivating to me personally. I was in, no matter what, whether it was an audiobook, whether we do a tv show, I was just stoked.

“This book is literally my fucking life. We’re the same person in a different universe…I connect to every single line in this book, which is the coolest thing for me…”

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Like the paperback, the audiobook debuted as the #1 Best Seller in the New York City book category on Amazon, and still sat there three days later, as well as the #2 Best Seller and #1 New Release in the Punk Music book category, and #6 Best Seller and #1 New Release in Mental Illness.

With May being Mental Health Awareness month, Henneberger is urging fans to pick up the book, with 50% of royalties going to mental health and artist relief charities. 

All of the bands, labels, and publishers allowed Henneberger to use the music for free, and Tyler also donated his time to record the audiobook, as he related to the story so much because of his own experience with mental illness and substance abuse, and his love for punk and emo of course.

Check out the exclusive clips from the Rock Bottom Book Club below, “I’m Not Gonna Kill Myself’ and “The Glory of Drugs”.

Mike says of the interview he did with Tyler:

In one of them, I snap and yell at Tyler for being unprofessional, and in the other Tyler does a killer Mark Wahlberg impression. Both clips have excerpts from Ch. 4 of the book, ‘“Poison in my Veins’ by Bayside.’” Both get a little dark.

Get your own copy of the “Rock Bottom at the Renaissance…” audiobook here

Mike’s final words sum up why it’s better than just reading it in your own damn head:

“It really is like no other audiobook. Not saying it’s better, but with the songs mixed in the same way I was listening to them when I wrote it, and Tyler Posey’s narration, it’s the closest you can get to experiencing it yourself.”

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