Richmond, VA skate-punks Talk Me Off have released their new EP, Abyss, April 20 via Smartpunk Records, Swamp Cabbage, Gunner, and Wallride Records, and we think you need to check it out right now!

Talk Me Off have a distinct sound in the skate-punk scene, with two lead singers of the opposite sex. Abyss is chock-full of relatable lyrics, from “Alone in the Dark”, an apathetically punk song about feeling content with nothingness in the end, to “Counting Digits”, which hails a big F-U to the diet industry. 

The band comment on the new EP:

“After over a year of frustrations with the world around us, countless shows canceled, and just straight up uncertainty, we decided to release 4 songs (and a sick cover) that were written from these dark times. We’d like to formally present to you our third release, the Abyss EP. We all think this is some of our strongest work to date and hope you all will feel the same.”

Talk Me Off Abyss

Talk Me Off formed in 2017, when Ryan Cacophony and Holly Herzog met performing in a Screeching Weasel cover band for a children’s hospital charity. Bringing Christian Moquin on board, they released their debut self-titled EP a few months later on Doctor and Mechanic Recordings and Between the Days Records. Touring the EP saw them share stages with the likes of Off With Their Heads, Night Birds, The Lillingtons, and The Lawrence Arms. In 2020, they released their first full-length record Cursed after signing to Smartpunk Records, with the help of Say-10 Records and Gunner Records. Thanks to the pandemic, they weren’t able to tour the album, so instead the band got their heads back together and created the Abyss EP.

Listen to Abyss in full below, and pick it up on vinyl or cassette here.

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Images courtesy of Talk Me Off.


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