News: Magnolia Park Sign to Epitaph and Drop Single Feat. Lil Lotus

Floridian BIPOC pop-punk band Magnolia Park have signed to Epitaph Records, sharing double single “Back Home”/”Tonight” (feat. Lil Lotus), and announcing their Halloween Mixtape, out October 29.

The six-piece blend emo, hip-hop, hardcore, and alt-rock to create their emotionally charged signature sound.

Made up of lead vocalist Joshua Roberts, guitarists Tristan Torres and Freddie Criales, bassist Jared Kay, drummer Joe Horsham, and keyboardist Vincent Ernst, Magnolia Park have recorded almost all their output to date with Audio Compound producers Andrew Wade and Andy Karpovck. 

An up-close portrait of a long-distance relationship, the new single “Back Home” took shape from a demo created by Ernst (a dual citizen who mainly lives in Germany). Another track showcasing the cathartic power of their sound, the wildly catchy “Tonight” featuring Lil Lotus also explores a bittersweet emotional experience.

An ideal addition to “Tonight,” Lil Lotus jumped on the track well before Magnolia Park and the Dallas-born singer/rapper became labelmates, as Torres says: 

“We reached out to Lotus on Instagram and asked him to be on the song before we’d even spoken to Epitaph, and he was kind enough to do it.” 

With the arrival of their Epitaph debut, Magnolia Park look forward to raising even further awareness of the issues they find essential, including mental health. Torres says:

“Some of the band members struggle with mental health problems, and a big part of our music is shining a light on that. It’s such a crazy world to begin with, and then when you add all the stress of the pandemic and the hatred that so many people are dealing with, it’s really easy to feel lost.”

Magnolia Park Halloween Mixtape

Check out “Back Home” and “Tonight” (featuring Lil Lotus) below, and presave the Halloween Mixtape here.

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Images courtesy of Magnolia Park. Featured image credit: Jessica Griffith.

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