News: Majestica Release New Single ‘This Christmas’ and Extended Version of ‘A Christmas Carol’

Last year, Majestica released their album A Christmas Carol. Now, the band have released A Christmas Carol – Extended Version, completing the story surrounding Ebenezer Scrooge with two new songs. Majestica have also released a single and video for the track, “This Christmas.”

Majestica states:

“It’s time to complete the A Christmas Carol story with our new single, ‘This Christmas,’ and the release of ,A Christmas Carol – Extended Version!’ ‘This Christmas’ is an uptempo song that has a bit of all the elements you can find on the album. Strong chorus, duo vocals, big orchestration, twin guitars, and all the Christmas feeling that you need. Finally, there will be a vinyl version of the album; many asked for this last year, and we really felt that it has to be released on vinyl this year!”

Stream or download A Christmas Carol – Extended Version here.

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