News: Majesty Crush Announce Double LP, “Butterflies Don’t Go Away”

Nineties Detroit-based shoegaze/dream pop vanguards Majesty Crush are putting out an immaculate double LP, Butterflies Don’t Go Away. It’s set to release March 29 via The Numero Group. They’ll also be releasing the band’s No. 1 Fan EP digitally for the first time ever on February 20.

Presave Butterflies Don’t Go Away here.
Presave No. 1 Fan here.

Majesty Crush are a band that’s over 30 years old, that captured the now-calcified preconceptions of the ’90’s nostalgia alongside the ear-perking noisy hooks. Through this, it becomes more and more easy to grasp as to why and how Majesty Crush continued their existence after all this time. They weren’t a band that never caught a break, nor a bunch of introverts with stage-fright.

They were popular in their own right, from local commercial alt-radio play to opening big shows for national bands right out of the gate. They were signed to a subsidiary of a major label, not long after starting out as one of the many dreamy-eyed groups of the era that was putting out seve-inchess with smudged artmand handmade covers. During a close listening, there’s a multitude of shades of rawness that emerge within the lyrics, sound and the overall ever-simmering energy with reason as to why the world wasn’t ready for this music back in the ’90s. Their goal was to create a form of dream pop that was different than what previously existed. Majesty Crush went for an individualized blur of personalities, experiences, and perspectives informed by the independent music from the unregulated corners of Motor City.

Butterflies Don’t Go Away Track Listing:

LP I: Love 15:

Side A:

No. 1 Fan
Purr (Interlude)

Side B:

Pretty Head
Penny For Love
Skin (Interlude)
Feigned Sleep

LP II: EPs  & Singles:

Side C:

No. 1 Fan (EP Version)
Horse (EP Version)
Sunny Pie
Cicciolina (7″ Version)

Side D: 

Purr (7″ Version)
Space Between Your Moles
If JFA Were Still Together
Ghost Of Fun

Photo courtesy of Majesty Crush

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