News: MANifesto Announce Release of Debut Album, ‘Pinky Swear’

After more than a decade of conceptualizing and two years in the making, five-piece MANifesto are gearing up to release their new collection of 12 pop gems, spanning over the past 70 years, titled Pinky Swear.

MANifesto are the brain child of Toronto’s R. Kelly Clipperton (Kelly and the Kellygirls, Merkury Burn), and the band emerged out of a need for visibility and inclusion.

“I’ve adored girl groups forever and desperately wanted to be part of their tribe. I’ve also loved singing with other voices: harmonizing and supporting, and realized I’d never attempted that with other out, gay men. The project developed out of these impulses,” Clipperton says.

The album boasts sounds reminiscent of songs by Bananarama, The Chordettes, Fifth Harmony, The Supremes, All Saints, Jade, Expose and En Vogue.

“The song selection was pretty organic,” Clipperton says. “When we started in the summer of ’19, we amassed many different songs and sang them to see if our voices fit well. We also began paying particular attention to lyrics that we could interpret in different ways. Singing songs written (in most cases) by men, for women to sing, and now being presented by us … there was a lot to dig into.”

You can preorder the new album here, and check out their previous cover of The Spice Girls’ “Say You’ll Be There” here:

For more from MANifesto, find them on Instagram.

Photo courtesy of MANifesto.

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