News: Marthe To Release ‘Further In Evil’ October 20

One-woman metal band Marthe is getting ready for her debut full length album, Further In Evil, to hit the streets October 20. The record has been described as having the power of Bathory, the sadness of Tiamat, and tinged with the stench of Amebix. Musically, it’s inspired by riot grrrl, crust, and d-beat.

Marzia, the woman behind Marthe, states:

“Around 2012, I started feeling the need to express myself in a heavier and more atmospheric way. I coincidentally started hiking more and more… getting closer to lonely soundscapes: my life, feelings and moods started being more introspective and introverted. Marthe suddenly became my comfort zone, my therapy, my shadow of loneliness, my book of truths, my mirror, my alter ego. Locking the door and disappearing in darkness recording music alone became something so powerful… I probably never really met myself before that.”

Regarding the narrative of the record, Marthe states:

“…a journey into evil. I consider it an epiphany in growing armor to make myself stronger. The title means entering the gates of darkness, becoming cold and detached so as not to suffer anymore… we are alone… the strength is ours.”

Further In Evil was composed and demoed over the course of a year while Marzia was driving or hiking. The video for “Further In Evil” was self-filmed and edited between Italy and Iceland featuring the amazing beauty of nature and the region itself, juxta positioned by the absolute crushing sounds of Marthe.

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