Today, the Tuareg rock band lead by Mdou Moctar have released a video of a live performance of their song, “Tala Tannam.” You can check it out below:

Mdou Moctar are one of the more successful, contemporary rock acts to come out of West Africa. Mdou started his career playing on a homemade guitar, and his first album was distributed entirely underground via phone card.

He has come a long way since then, with his sixth album Afrique Victime poised to drop on Matador Records on May 21 of this year.

On the performance of “Tala Tannam,” the band’s bassist Mikey Coltun reflects on how it came about:

“In winter 2020, the Mdou Moctar band met up in Niamey, the capital of Niger, to record a few songs in anticipation of the release of, Afrique Victime. We were staying on the outskirts of town at a friend’s home. One day, we quietly set up in front of the house to film a few songs. Despite our relative isolation, the noise of the band inevitably attracted a crowd.

“What started as the four of us simply playing a few songs for a camera turned into a three-night run of rowdy concerts, bringing in hundreds of eager listeners. Each night, kids from all over the city would line up at our door, rushing over after their final evening prayer. These performances were completely spontaneous and wholly unplanned. Thanks to our audience, we were able to capture the spectacular energy of a typical Niamey concert for you. We’re thrilled about it and hope you will be, too. Enjoy!”

Video Credit:
Footage shot by: Mamadou Halidou & WH Moustapha / Dynamique image
Directed by: Mikey Coltun
Audio mixed by Seth Manchester 

Photo courtesy of Mdou Moctar.

 Preorder Afrique Victime through Matador Records.


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