Rising pop-punkers Meet Me @ The Altar have released their new single “Hit Like A Girl” via Fueled By Ramen. 

The band partnered with Facebook as part of their ongoing efforts to elevate female voices and stories throughout Women’s History Month and beyond, asking fans to post, comment and DM the band about what being a woman means to them and then went into production mode, writing a track inspired by those posts, elevating the voices of these women. 

Meet Me @ The Altar Hit Like A Girl

“Hit Like A Girl” was designed to capture the spirit and showcase the power and resiliency of women and what it means to support one another and come together toward one vision. 

The band explain:

“People are so supportive of us on social media. It’s really cool to see all of the comments and DMs of people who don’t even necessarily listen to punk rock, but they’re just cheering us on. It’s really cool to feel like our music is bringing together people that wouldn’t have been brought together otherwise. We feel lucky to be in this position. In general, we try to be the best role models we could be for our fans.”

Facebook shared a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the single, check it out here.

“Hit Like A Girl” is the band’s first single of 2021, following their signing to Fueled By Ramen and debut major-label single “Garden” in October 2020. 

Meet Me @ The Altar met online, with members Edith Johnson (vocals), Téa Campbell (guitar), and Ada Juarez (drums) sharing their love for the likes of Paramore and Twenty One Pilots. The trio agreed there was a need for more representation in the scene, and took it upon themselves to make that change, as three proud women of color making kick-ass pop-punk.

Check out “Hit Like A Girl” below, and hear the rest of Meet Me @ The Altar’s songs here.

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Images courtesy of Meet Me @ The Altar. Featured image credit: Lindsey Byrnes.


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