Finnish indie rockers messier have released their new single, “Salt Water Flush” after announcing they are now a part of the SideOneDummy Records family.

The band say about their new label home:

“We never expected to be announcing such great news when we started out three years ago! We are very honored to be the first Finnish band to sign with SideOneDummy Records. It’s so exciting to join the record label who have worked with artists that have meant so much to us personally and as a band.”

If “Salt Water Flush” isn’t enough a clue of what can be expected of the band in future releases, singer/guitarist Lauri Huumonen explains the balance in messier’s music:

“Having that full range of dynamics is really important to us. Loud and soft, light and dark; songs need to have a little bit of everything in order to feel human.”

Check out the new single below, and follow messier on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram for updates.

Images courtesy of messier. Featured image credit: Brian Popowitz.


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