News: Mighty Tortuga Fuse Emo, Country and Alternative Rock with ‘Twin Graves’

Mighty Tortuga’s new, emo-laced, genre-bending y’alternative single “Twin Graves” is out now.

“Twin Graves” is a song about passion for a soulmate so burning that you are willing to die for it.

Hailing from New Haven, CT, Mighty Tortuga marry classic mall emo with the alt-country vibes of Pinegrove. The effortless interplay of jangly, intricate guitars with TJ Redding’s mesmerizing lead vocal brings sparks of nostalgia, with a bright modernity on display with the band’s first new music of 2023.

Mighty Tortuga have honed a bright and hooky brand of rock since 2020’s debut, The Gloom. By combining full-bodied, driving rock tones with intricate and infectious indie rock riffs, the Connecticut crew’s soundscape is both intimate and accessible. TJ Redding’s emotive and frank lyricism is the perfect narration, and the band’s dexterity has seen them pick up acclaim from beyond state boundaries, catching the attention of former Taking Back Sunday man Fred Mascherino.

In summer 2022, the band unveiled five track EP Eternal Sunshine on Mascherino’s Heading East Records, with the guitarist and The Color Fred founder also behind the controls on the “Twin Graves.”

Mighty Tortuga’s instinctive and deft marriage of rock influences is ubiquitous on new single “Twin Graves,” out now on Heading East Records.

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