News: Militarie Gun’s ‘Do It Faster’ Appears in Taco Bell Commercial

Punk band Militarie Gun‘s single “Do It Faster” has appeared in a recent Taco Bell commercial, making the band the latest to partner with the fast-food giant following Scowl and Turnstile.

The commercial started airing over the Christmas holiday, particularly during the football games that happened on and around Christmas, generating a lot of buzz about the commercial. Militarie Gun joked about the appearance in the commercial on Twitter with a picture of Leonardo DiCaprio in Once Upon A Time in Hollywood pointing at a television screen, an image that is commonly used in memes to indicate seeing something on television that you recognize.

Check out the commercial below.

Militarie Gun had previously announced a partnership with Taco Bell back in April as part of the company’s Feed the Beat program. “Taco Bell is an institution in the touring world; it’s what literally every band finds themselves eating, probably more often than they would like to admit,” says Militarie Gun’s Ian Shelton at the time. “Ever since I was a kid and heard of them giving food to touring bands, and since then, I imagined getting free Taco Bell. Can’t believe it’s finally happened.”
When Scowl partnered with Taco Bell, there was a lot of blowback, including some accusations that vocalist Kat Moss was an “industry plant.” Moss had a pointed response to that criticism. “I am sick of hearing the phrase ‘Industry plant,'” Moss said. “Our friends bands-bands commonly full of men, will sign brand deals, have a song in a commercial, get a co-sign from massively successful musicians, etc… yet I never read whisperings of whether or not they deserve those successes, whether or not they are valid enough, GOOD enough, or worked hard enough to be deserving of that success. Is our success never valid enough for you? Why is this competition created between us and our community, specifically femme-bodied individuals?”
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Photo courtesy of Noah Kentis
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