News: Milk St. Release ‘China Town’

Milk St. release their new single “China Town,” a coming-of-age story from the Bangor, Maine natives. The track serves as the lead single for their upcoming EP, Vermont.

“’China Town is a song about coming of age and steeping yourself in what truly makes you, you at a very fragile point of your life. It’s about finding out exactly who you are and embracing the uncomfortable in pursuit of self discovery. It’s also about doing mushrooms with your cousin’s dog.”

Vermont will feature two other singles — “Peyote” and “Pixie Cuts and Angel Dust” — that will be released over the coming months. Sonically, “China Town” is unique like the underlying story that defines it. The track blends Midwest emo with punk, indie rock and a hint of bluegrass flowing through this confessional anthem.

With the recent addition of Harry Burns to the band as a full-time member, Milk St. recently got back into the studio. They quickly recorded a handful of demos, one became the foundation of “China Town.” The remainder will be included in the upcoming EP.

Keep an eye out for Milk St.’s new music here.

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