News: Milwaukee Pop-Punkers Gold Steps Release ‘Narcissist’

Milwaukee pop-punkers Gold Steps released their newest song “Narcissist,” an upbeat, scene hit with an oh-so-relatable perspective. It’s near the top of a long list of excellent songs produced by Four Years Strong’s Alan Day.

“’Narcissist’ is about hitting a breaking point with someone who treats you like you are lesser,” Gold Steps vocalist Betty explains. “They try to walk over you, thinking you won’t fight back because they sincerely don’t consider you at the same level.”

The track opens with an earwormy, techy guitar sound that is uber hooky, giving way to Betty’s unrivaled vocals. The chorus is colorful and bouncy with intriguing pace changes throughout. And the poppy “na-na’s” in the chorus aren’t just place holders, but a smart way to utilize the song’s title and themes.

“’Narcissist’ is me flipping the script, letting him know I’m taking the upper hand and am not afraid to destroy his whole world,” Betty continues. “He’s not a nice guy and I’m not playing nice anymore.”

Milwaukee videographer Samer Ghani shows out in a wonderfully complimentary video. Between his work, Day and Gold Steps, “Narcissist” is a full team effort. Alex, from the band Fluorescents, also finds his way into the music video.

Watch out for new music and shows from Gold Steps here.

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