News: Mizmor Releases Collaborative Track with Portugal. The Man Called ‘Doubt’

Esteemed multi-instrumental solo outfit Mizmor has released a new collaborative track with the fan-favorite rock band Portugal. The Man. The song is accompanied by a soul-stirring video. Mizmor’s A.L.N., Portugal. The Man frontman John Gourley, and vocalist Zoe Manville star in the video. The song also has a special appearance of Jesse Shreibman from Bell Witch on drums. “Doubt” was mixed by Sonny DiPerri and mastered by Adam Gonsalves.

Watch the official video of “Doubt (Mizmor Version)” on YouTube:

About the collaboration, Mizmor project mastermind A.L.N. shares:

“Collaborating with John and Mike was a lot of fun. My brother, Ryan, used to play in Portugal. The Man, and I was the kid brother who played heavy music; I think John always thought that was kind of cool … but it wasn’t until Mike’s music video trilogy idea that it clicked on exactly how to meld the Mizmor sound with the PTM sound.

“Instead of stripping everything away and rebuilding from the ground up, like many remixes do, I was able to almost directly adapt the chords into my style. I also wrote a doom metal outro to make sure we showcased the slower side of Mizmor, and I was able to put one of John’s vocal melodies on top of it in the form of lead guitar (blended with one of Zoe’s vocal takes).

I’m really proud of how the song came out. It totally rips, and it’s also really interesting to hear a more traditional pop structure (verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, outro) behind a black metal song, because the genre doesn’t typically do that. This results in a certain catchiness that, though most black metallers would be tempted to resist, I find undeniable in this context (since the song still shreds).

“And I think a lot of non-metal artists either have a soft spot for metal, or are just intrigued by the genre, because it allows for a very cathartic expression of dark or negative emotions (like depression, anxiety, and existential dread), which ends up being therapeutic and positive for both the artist and their listeners.”


The song is a new rendition of “Doubt” from Portugal. The Man’s album Chris Black Changed My Life, which was released in June 2023. The video also happens to be the third in the music video trilogy by Portugal. The Man. Highly acclaimed director Michael Ragen has directed all three videos.

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Photo courtesy of Mizmor

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