News: Moonspell Joins My Dying Bride, Borknagar, Wolfheart and Hinayana For 2022 European Tour

Europe beware, Moonspell joins My Dying Bride, Borknagar, Wolfheart and Hinayana for an epic 2022 trek which’ll go down as one of next year’s most talked about tours. 30 years into their career, Moonspell are bigger than ever and it’s not surprising since their latest album, Hermitage, might be the best record they’ve ever done.

Moonspell’s Fernando ribeiro states:

“Musically speaking, this might be the best tour Moonspell has ever joined. My Dying Bride is one of our favourites when it comes to deep emotional songwriting and there’s no one that can spell Doom as they do. Borkanagar’s last album (Pure North) is a masterpiece and of course that Wolfheart has a special place in our “heart” for reasons that are obvious. We will be celebrating our 30 years together as a band in amazing company and if you’re into bands that “do it for the music” this is a one of a kinda experience that no true fan can afford to miss.

We will be revisiting our career and play classics, new songs and hidden gems alike, so the hype is real, brace yourself for an extraordinary voyage in the amazing company of these bands, probably the best and most heartfelt tour of 2022.”

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