Philadelphia poet, noise musician, and activist Moor Mother releases her newest LP Circuit City. Released via Don Giovanni Records, Circuit City is a soundtrack for the staged-production of the same name.

A theatrical performance throughout the release, the LP is split into four acts. Perfect imagery throughout the release, the staged-production is set in a living room in a futurist corporate-owned apartment complex. 

Filled with beauty, frustration, anger, and love, the piece is straight from the heavens of free jazz. Moor Mother collaborator Rasheedah Phillips states: “Circuit City considers both the implications of time and of space involved in privatization of public housing, gentrification, displacement, and redevelopment. The residents of Circuit City are integrating the time(s) of redevelopment, privatization, and hyper-gentrification, into the pre-established temporal dynamics of the community, layered over and within the communal historical memory and the shared idea of the future(s) of that community.” 

Important themes are shown through Moor Mother’s work, from inequity of housing availability, illegal evictions, and hyper-gentrification, and how these disproportionately affect women of color, Black people, LGBTQ+ people, and immigrants at an alarming disparity.

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