News: Mortal Wound to Unleash Debut Full-Length ‘Anus of the World’

Los Angeles-based death metal squad have announced their debut album Anus of the World. The album will be released through Dark Descent Records on CD, cassette, and digital formats and Me Saco un Ojo Records on vinyl and cassettes. The band have also released the first single from the album titled “Found Dead in a Bush.”

Listen to the song on Bandcamp here.

The album will be a top-notch production from top to bottom. Influenced by 90s death metal, the record will stand on its own in regards to originality. In a time when true death metal is rare to be found, Mortal Wound are here to make it certain that the void is filled correctly.

Anus of the World Tracklisting:

1. Found Dead in a Bush
2. Tunnel Rat
3. The Surf is Gonna Be Bitchin’
4. Drug Filled Cadaver
5. One Who Kills & One Who Loves
6. Born Again Hard
7. Engulfed in Liquid Hellfire
8. The Worm Has Turned for You
9. Spirit of the Bayonet
10. Even the Jungle Wanted Him Dead
11. Royally Fucked Forever

Mortal Wound

Preorder the album here from Dark Descent Records or here from Me Saco un Ojo Records.

Mortal Wound:

Sam Shriver – Guitar, Vocals and Samples.
Mathias Hofmeister – Bass
Peter King – Guitar
Devlin Baldwin – Drums

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Photo courtesy of Mortal Wound

Artwork courtesy of Karina

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